Saturday , December 14th 2019
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Aluminum Bats VS Wooden Bats

Aluminum and wooden batsAnyone who is a keen baseball player, whether at the junior or senior level, will inevitably want to decide on the type of baseball bat that will be best for them. A serious baseball player will know all about the perpetual discussions that go on about wooden and aluminum baseball bats.

As a fan of baseball and similar games, you would have noticed that in softball, and at all levels of non-professional baseball games it is the aluminum bats that are used. You would have also observed that when it comes to professional baseball, only wooden bats are used.

Naturally, this will make you wonder whether you should choose a wooden bat for your game. Let us try to weigh the merits and drawbacks of the wooden and aluminum bats. Baseball bats range in price from $25 to $500. You will not find the professional player buying the higher priced one on the principle that the more expensive the product, the better it will be.

The professional player will select a bat that has a good feel for him. As you know only wooden bats are used in professional baseball. You may also be interested to know that Major league baseball does not permit corked balls. Generally, baseball bats are made of ash. Bats made of maple, bamboo, and hickory are also available.

However, not many choose hickory bats anymore because they are heavier than the other wooden bats. Maple is gaining in popularity with baseball players largely because they are hard and very durable. Baseball players prefer wooden bats for other reasons too. They like the traditional look it gives.

Also, when the ball hits the wooden bat, it makes a very distinct cracking sound which is much nicer than the metallic ‘ping’ produced by aluminum bats. Aluminum bats are the favored ones at league matches. If you wonder why this should be so, the explanation is simple. When an aluminum bat hits the ball, it is sent flying at great speed.

This is because aluminum bats are lighter than wooden bats and therefore can be wielded with greater force, even if the batter is not a very strong person. The ball can be sent over a greater distance with less effort from the batter. Many players were injured because of this.

The ball rebounds from the aluminum bat with such force and the pitchers have very little time to react. Statistics show that when aluminum bats were introduced to the game in 1970, the batting average increased by 30 points and home run hits actually doubled. The game did not seem to be the same anymore.

In the final analysis, the choice of a baseball bat has to be one of personal preference. You may select a manufacturer who will make the bat to your specifications based on your height, weight, and strength. You may even select the color and have a signature etched on it.

To find a manufacturer willing to make customized baseball bats will not be easy. There not many who would want to undertake such orders because of the costs involved. However, for anyone who is not a professional baseball player and plays the game just for the pleasure of it, the best choice will be to select the one that feels good in your hands as you swing it.